Amazing Tulum, the only Mayan city built on the coast.

Visiting Tulum ruins with its spectacular view was definitely one of many things I had on my list when going to Mexico. I was absolutely stunned by the beautiful view on the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Tulum ruins are situated on a hill along the east cost of Mexico in Yucatan province in the state of Quintana Roo.

Tulum ruins
Tulum and its spectacular view

We stayed in Playa del Carmen and in order to get to Tulum we rented a car. It took us only 1 hour to get there. When we got there a very friendly guide stopped us and offered us tickers for 30 USD each which included the entrance to Tulum ruins, parking, a boat trip which included snorkelling with sea turtles. Pretty good deal. We took it and it was worth it!

I literally couldn’t believe the beauty I was seeing. I was sitting on a little wooden bench for a while, staring at the view and from time to time, just pinching myself to check if this is for real. I felt like, the more I stare at the sea, the more shades of blue I would discover.


Amazing Tulum
Shades of blue

Tulum, with its precious ruins as its amazing view, is indeed a stunning place which left me completely breathless. And whenever I walked I had the awesome company of cute and curious lizards.

Tulum ruins


Tulum in the Yucatec language means ” wall . What is really interesting about Tulum, is that it was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayan civilisation, Tulum was built in the 13th century,  during what is known as the Mayan post classic period. Tulum was the only Mayan city built on a coast and one of the few cities which were protected by a wall. As there are mostly ruins around, you can definitely let your imagination go wild and imagine how Mayan lived here. The exhibition provided a lot of interesting information.


There is also an access to a beach where you can swim. Unfortunately, when I was there in November 2016, it was closed down due to breeding of sea turtles. But at least I took some nice picture of this paradise beach.

Tulum beach

After wandering around the Tulum ruins, we went to the beach down the street close to the ruins, called Playa Paraiso. We had a little boat trip during which we could admire “Castelo” from the Caribbean sea. I couldn’t wait to snorkel with the sea turtles.

However, that morning we had a huge breakfast. Not really smart so my belly wasn’t very happy. Well, sometimes you get crazy if you know that you can eat all you want for free 😀 I had a really hard time on the boat as the waves were pretty wild, and being in the water made me even more sick of course ( and accidentally drinking salty water didn’t help neither 😀

But after seeing those little, cute creatures I felt instantly better. The snorkelling was another highlight of our day trip to Tulum. Nevertheless, on the way back, I still had to throw up which was pretty embarrassing…

Lesson learned…keep you breakfast plate simple or at least small 😀

Have fun visiting Tulum 🙂

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