Mexican Paradise Island “Isla Mujeres”

Mexico is packed with beautiful places. We stayed in Playa del Carmen BlueBay resort and once you are in the resort you kinda feel locked up. I can’t stay in one place for a long time so we were looking for some nice day trip.

We went to the city Playa del Carmen and stopped at a local tourist office.

Little tip: If you are in the resort, try to avoid booking tours as they are overpriced. We ended up booking a tour to Isla Mujeres for $50 from the local tourist office (the hotel offered us a “discounted deal” for about $99, ehmm, no thank you… 🙂

So we had our awesome trip booked, jupieeeh 🙂

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island, just 13 km away from Cancun. It is known for its stunningly perfect postcard picture beaches with azure waters. You can also find a turtle farm. We were picked up at the hotel in the morning by a mini van and drive for around 2 hours to Cancun harbour. A speedy catamaran took us to Isla Mujeres. Our guide was really funny and super helpful. We had drinks and the atmosphere was really nice.

On the way to the island is also an underwater museum with as many as 5000 sculptures. After few (non-alcoholic) drinks 😀 we snorkelled, hoping to see some cool statues. However, the snorkelling experience wasn’t that great as we had really big waves. Besides, honestly speaking, I am not such a snorkelling expert. But it was still fun. I didn’t see that much but I kept myself busy with other things 😀



After 1 hour, we arrived at this adorable little port 🙂

Isla Mujeres, is a very cute, small island and you can rent a golf cart to drive around. We didn’t get a chance to it since the program didn’t really allow it time-wise. Next time, we definitely will.

Our guide recommended us to go to the beach “Playa Norte” also known as “Playa Coco” or “Nautibeach”. We were told that it is the most beautiful beach in Mexico (maybe he even said in the world…not sure, though). So, of course we went there. It was definitely worth it, what a stunning place it is…

We sat under the palms and just stared…

However, there are so many beautiful places in this world that it is very hard to rank them from 1 till 10. But I am definately here to explore all of them.

I really loved Isla Mujeres and I highly recommend for you to visit it once you are in Mexico. I can say for sure that we will be visiting this amazing island again.

Have fun visiting Isla Mujeres.

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