About me

My name is Gretka and I am here to help you to plan your next awesome holiday. I created this blog to share with you the most beautiful beaches and stunning holiday destinations which I visited during my travels. I will also share with you useful tips, travel hacks and my itineraries about countries I have been to.

The idea of creating this blog came spontaneously. I am super happy to give travel advice to my friends. In the past 2 years, a lot of my friends and colleagues approached me and asked for advice where to go for holidays, what to see, what was my favorite place, etc.

I actually got a nickname: “the travel guide” 😀

Then I realized, hmm… why can’t I document my travels and share advice with other people too?

Since I left my home country, I always wanted to see the world. Travel to new places, get to know new cultures, see how other people live. 

It excites me to live in different countries and that’s why I have been moving around since I’m 18. Originally from Slovakia, I have lived in 6 foreign countries so far (Italy, UK, Russia, The Netherlands, Poland and Germany).  

Why Did I quit my corporate job?

I did my Bachelor degree in London in translation and interpreting. However, after my studies, I decided to go into business and management.

3 years working in the retail industry made me realize that I need more in my life. Of course, I learned a lot and I enjoyed working as a Store Manager but with each year my passion for traveling became bigger and bigger.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

That’s why, I decided to quit my career and go for a long term travel with my partner in crime, my fiance Nico.

We are starting our journey this August in Bali and we will be exploring beautiful south-east Asia for a couple of months. After that, we will be heading to South America.

Why beach addicted?

I love hanging around stunning beaches and I am always looking for the perfect spots.

 Ocean and salty water were always something which attracted me and inspired me already in my childhood. As a child, I was sick often, and my parents took me for the first time to Italy to get better. I fell in love with the sea immediately.

Since then, I developed a special relationship with the sea. 

 Beach addicted is not only sipping coconut drinks on stunning beaches, reading a book in a palm’s shadow but also discovering underwater life, surfing, trying new water sports, hanging out in cool beach bars, dancing under the stars and listening closely to what our ocean whispers.

…everything together brings me peace and tranquillity…

Now, who likes to spend some time on the beach?