Exciting 10 Day Thailand Itinerary – How to see Thailand In Just 10 Days

If it’s your first time visiting Thailand, this is the perfect 10 day Thailand itinerary guide for you.

Thailand is one of our favorite places in this world, and it’s easy to say why. This beautiful country of smiles has it all! From charming islands, and incredible wildlife to booming cities full of history. We can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are planning to spend 10 days in Thailand, we don’t want to disappoint you. 10 days is definitely not enough time to explore all of it, but it is a great start.

visiting perfect beach with palm trees and the ocean during 10 day Thailand itinerary
Ultimate Thai paradise, Koh Kood Island

When we were planning our first trip to Thailand we had no idea when to visit or what cities, islands, beaches to see. The only thing we knew was that we were flying to Bangkok.

That is why I can understand if you are confused and don’t know where to begin.

But don’t worry, with this 10 day Thailand itinerary, you will discover true Thai culture, dip into Thai cuisine, explore the best beaches of Krabi and, of course, wildlife.

your perfect 10 days in Thailand


In this post, we will display an exact 10 day itinerary Nico and I have done during our 1st visit in Thailand with some special places and activities we have done on our 2nd visit.


There is just so much to do and so much to see that we are more than convinced that you will want to revisit Thailand. Thailand has many traditions, lively cities, gorgeous islands, and beautiful nature. That means you can choose from many activities and experiences in Thailand, which make you come again. So sticking to the exact itinerary will save you a lot of concussion and time that you can use for doing a lot of fun stuff.


We will also include 3 Ultimate Thailand itineraries that you can do in 10 days. This will include an Ultimate Thailand guide for beach lovers, an ultimate Thailand guide covering Culture, and on for all venturing off the beaten track. Like this, you can customize your trip depending on what you want to do.



If you have no idea about Thailand, let me just tell you: Damn, you are going to love Thailand. If you are not sure whether to visit Thailand or not, here are a few points that will help you to make a decision.

And there are many many many….


One of the first things you might hear from people who already visited Thailand is that Thai people are the happiest people you ever meet. It is definitely true.

Thai people are smiling most of the time, they are friendly and kind. It is simply the way how they live.

I never forget our first visit to Bangkok. We did a quick tour through the Bangkok canals, and we saw many locals who just simply waved at us from their very humble houses (no electricity, just a simple bamboo house with one room). This is where traveling really changed how I look at life. Most of the time, people have it all, and they are still unhappy. I witnessed how Thais look at life and are happier than most people in Western Europe or North America who actually have everything.

P.S.: If you ever visit Myanmar, you will be surprised how friendly Burmese are. And we don’t want to spoil your visit, but you will fall in love with Myanmar even more.


I am not sure if you have tried Thai cuisine, but you will surely love it. Thai food has so many tasty ingredients, and most of them you might not even know. If you really want to try some of the most authentic Thai meals, make sure to go for street food. We know that it might seem a bit risky at times, but trust us, you will love it. There are so many tasty Thai meals, such as: spring rolls, grilled corn, prawn chips, million types of curry, grilled chicken, Thai banana pancakes. We could go on and on and on…..

Also, some of the most popular things to do in Thailand (especially in Chiang Mai) is to take a cooking course.

Since then, we have been cooking our own Thai curry at home (and it is actually delicious).


Thailand has a hot tropical climate so if you want to escape a cold winter in Europe (or anywhere else), you will definitely get plenty of sunshine here. Lying on the beach and getting tan must be on your 10-day itinerary in Thailand for sure.

Just make sure to check when is the best time to visit Thailand as it can be a bit tricky.

visiting perfect beach with palm trees and the ocean during 10 day Thailand itinerary
Welcome to paradise island Koh Kood


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Despite that Thailand has over 70 million people and over 4.500 islands you will be surprised how Thais are able to get you anywhere you like. That’s right, transportation in Thailand is so awesome.

So if you are planning a trip to the tiniest island in Thailand, be sure that Thais know how to get you there. There is always a way and they figure it out.

tuk tuk driving on the road in Chiang Mai
The best way how to get around Chiang Mai

I will never forget how we were traveling to Koh Chang islands from Bangkok. We only booked one bus ticket which included a transfer ticket and a boat ticket. It is really that simple. You get on the bus and you don’t worry anymore. Every time you need to change, you will be directed where you need to go. This wouldn’t work in most other countries (such as South America).


Tourism in Thailand is very developed. That can be an advantage and a curse at the same time. If you are traveling to Thailand, you will have all you need. There are plenty of hotels to choose from wherever you go, food is amazing, big cities such as Bangkok have many different malls where you can get literally anything. Also, tours and trips around Thailand are very professionals and organized.


If you are going to Thailand, it is almost 100% guaranteed that you will have a lot of fun. There are so many awesome things you can do. Whether you want to do Island hopping in Krabi, or bath with elephants in Chiang Mai, or just do bar-hopping in Bangkok. Everyone can find something fun to do when visiting Thailand.

many lit lanterns in the air at night during Chiang Mai lantern festival
Magical lantern festival


The history of Thailand is dating back to the 11th century where it was officially called Siam Kingdom of Thailand. That is why, if you are into getting to know about Thailand and finding all the cultural gems, then you will be in heaven. Bangkok is a great start, where you can visit some of the oldest temples in Thailand, you can also visit the former capital city of Thailand, Ayuthaya and continue exploring the temples of Chaing Mai.

If you are interested in our cultural route, make sure to jump to 10 days Thailand itinerary – Cultural Route.

We could continue further, but I guess you get the picture. I am sure you are excited about what this 10 day Thailand itinerary will bring, so here we are.

Please be aware, that this is one of the most popular itineraries which combines both beach, fun and culture.


If you are planning to spend 10 days in Thailand, you will most likely land in Bangkok. I will never forget when I first saw the movie Hangover Part II. Since back then I have always wanted to go there.

Bangkok is definitely not for everyone. However, even though you are not a city person, you still have to see it. At least once in your life. It is a crazy place, from magnificent temples, canal markets to chaotic streets filled with traffic to extravagant dishes. We do recommend to spend at least 3 days in Bangkok with a day trip to the nearby former capital of Thailand: Ayuthaya.

If you need a ride from the airport to your hotel, make sure to use Grab.

READ MORE: Why you should use the Grab app in Southeast Asia.


Let’s kick of our 10 day Thailand itinerary in the Grand Central Palace. Once the residence of the kings of Thailand, this gorgeous palace dripping in gold is a combination of stunning symmetry, buddha statues and ornaments. You will not miss the towering stupas (chedis) and ceremonial towers (mon dops) rising over Bangkok.

CULTURAL TIP: Make sure to dress appropriately as this is a Buddhist temple. Cover your shoulders, wear long pants or a long skirt. There is an option to rent a Sarong at a little cost.

A golden stupa of the grand central palace in bangkok which is a must see on a 10 day thailand itinerary
A view on Grand Central Palace


Once you finish admiring Grand Central Palace, you can easily walk to Wat Po. If you want to skip it, please don’t. Wat Po is the biggest temple in Thailand and this is where one of the most famous Reclining Buddhas is located. The Reclining Buddha stretches our for 46 meters and is covered with gold. If this is not enough, then get an on-site massage. Wat Po is a sacred place for the teaching and preservation of traditional Thai medicine and massage.

EXTRA TIP: Make sure to get up early and take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tha Tien to reach Wat Po.

2 people in front of Wat Po temple in Bangkok
Touring around in Wat Po

CULTURAL TIP: If you like to learn more in depth about these temples, then make sure to take a professional tour with a knowledgable guide.


If you are into markets and shopping then make sure to stop at Chatuchak market. As the name says, it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. There you might have the feeling, that everything is buyable. Among many cheesy shops and t-shirts stands, you can find many unique things.


Do you guys know the song 1 night in Bangkok? If not, you have to check it out on Youtube. Anyways, we are definitely not party people (not anymore) but you need to see Khao San Road, not during the day, but at night. It’s so much fun.

Are you ready to experience true Thai cuisine?

You might be shocked at what you will see at the little stands. I would suggest having a bucket before you try all the little creatures, from little worms, beetles to bigger animals like spiders, scorpions, snakes, etc. Hungry?

scorpions, beetles and other critters displayed on Khao San Road in Bangkok
Yummy dinner at Khao San Road

Let’s go back to the bucket. A bucket is the best way to drink any kind of alcohol with friends. Buckets are literal buckets filled with alcohol and mixed with any type of juices you like.

Bangkok in a Day: Must-Visit Highlights Tour with guide


Your 10 day Thailand itinerary wouldn’t be completed without visiting Ayutthaya.

If you are into history and want to learn where Thailand was “founded”, then you need to visit Ayutthaya. It is an hour drive from Bangkok and if you wonder why would you want to go there, hear us out.

Ayutthaya used to be one of the worlds’ top capitals and the capital of the Siamese kingdom for 400 years. It is Thailand’s first capital and it used to be a very important city. At the centre of Ayutthaya City is Ayutthaya Historical Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can wander around my different locations, go up to ancient temples, admire stupas (chedi) and search for headless Buddhas. It is a true glimpse into the glory of the past.

A buddha head surrounded by roots in Ayutthaya which needs be in your 10 day thailand itinerary
Wat Mahathat
a buddha statue in front of old temple buildings
A buddha in Ayutthaya


Make sure you start early in the morning. You can go there yourself by boat, train or even bus. We organized a shared taxi ride which was super affordable. However, there are many wonderful tours combining Ayuthaya and the floating markets.


Can you imagine there were around 400 temples? Nowadays, you can still admire dozens of them, which were restored. You can start with probably the most famous temple of Ayutthaya: Wat Mahathat. Here you’ll find the Buddha head that is overgrown by roots. Another temple worthwhile a visit is Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, which is known for a large reclining Buddha statue in saffron robes. Finally, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is one of the holiest temples in Thailand.

OUR TIP: Make sure to hire bikes as it is the best way to explore Ayutthaya.

We stayed for sunset, just be aware that most of the temples close at sunset. However, we were allowed to watch the sunset from one of the temples. It was absolutely beautiful.


If you do not want to stay for the sunset, you can leave in the afternoon and stop at the famous Bangkok canals. Check for day tours. For no more than 40€, a guide will take you to Ayutthaya and the floating market.

floating market with many boats and people near Bangkok
A view on busy Floating Market


As you can imagine, there are millions of options and hotels in Bangkok. If you can, we would highly recommend you to stay in the city center and close to the Grand Central Palace area.

Budget: Yor Yak Hostel offers comfortable dormitory rooms with complimentary breakfast and has a very stylish setting.

Middle Range: U-need Guesthouse95 is very nice and affordable hotel just 1 km from Khao San Road shared lounge, along with free WiFi with breakfast included.

Luxury: Villa De Khaosan by Chillax features a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a shared lounge in Bangkok.


If you only would like to spent your 10 days in Thailand in the area of Bangkok without taking any flights then this is for you.

In the world of over 1431 islands in Thailand, let me introduce you to Koh Chang Islands. Koh Chang islands are a group of 3 tropical paradise islands: Koh Chang, Koh Kood, and Koh Mak. We visited them on our second visit to Thailand, and we fell in love. They are so far our favorite Thai islands out there, and this is where we spent Christmas in 2017. You can easily spend indefinite days on the Koh Chang islands, but we would recommend at least one week. You can just rent a scooter (except for Koh Mak) and find your slice of paradise.


Koh Chang is the biggest island among these 3. If you would like to try something knew, why not do a discovery scuba dive. Check this cool 1-day beginner’s scuba diving program certification to discover beautiful reefs and tropical fish.


The smallest of the 3 islands, Koh Mak, covers only 16 square kilometers. There are barely any roads and the only means of transport is by foot or boat. There are a few restaurants on the beach, and there is only one small shop with very basic things. No ATM as well. We recommend to hire a kayak and enjoy your time.

an underwater picture with white sand on the ocean floor and blue water above
Ao Nang Beach on Koh Kood Island


If you need to stick to one island in your 10 day Thailand itinerary then pick Koh Kood. We don’t really have a favorite island out of these 3, but we really enjoyed our time on Koh Kood Island. Make sure to rent a scooter (always wear a helmet) and drive around. It is the best way to explore the Thai islands in general. There are many beaches, resorts, great authentic Thai restaurants, a scuba diving shop, and you can hire snorkeling gear, kayaks, or paddleboards.

an aerial view of a girl lying on Ao Nang beach on Koh kood
Relaxing on Ao Nang Beach, Koh Kood



Once you experience the craziness of Bangkok, you are ready for destination number 2. Chiang Mai is our favorite city in Thailand. We have been there already 2 times and we are always happy to go back. There is so much to see, the atmosphere of Chiang Mai is more pleasant than in Bangkok. That is why, once you are in the lands of smiles, Chiang Mai needs to be in your 10-day Thailand itinerary for sure.


Now you are probably stressing out, that 10 days in Thailand is not enough. Don’t worry, after our 3 days in Chiang Mai; we had the feeling that we truly experienced Thailand. You can easily spend 2 days wandering around and exploring Chiang Mai.


The temple Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (often referred to as Doi Suthep only) is located a bit outside of Chiang Mai. From here you will have an incredible view of the city. Walk around the impressive temple which was built during the 13th century. 

OUR TIP: Make sure to catch a Songthaew. They are open red vans/ trucks and function like a bus and are very affordable. You can catch them from Huay Kaew Road.

beautiful Thai temple with colorful statues nearby Chiang Mai
Impressive Wat Phra That Doi Suthep


I am sure you have seen several photos from Thailand with elephants and your 10 day Thailand itinerary wouldn’t be complete without seeing these beauties. In places like Baan Chang Elephant Park, you can feed elephants with sugar cane, go for a walk with them, pet them and bath them.

There are many “sanctuaries”, so before you book, check for reviews and details to avoid any places which are mistreating elephants. For instance, you can book an ethical tour in the Lanna kingdom sanctuary where you can give the elephants a bath and learn all about the program to protect and rescue them.

2 people in blue overals petting an elephant in an elephant sanctuary
Making friends in Elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai

SAD FACT: There used to be a lot of wild elephants running around Thailand. Poaching, elephant circuses are severe threats to elephants, and now there are only 3.000 to 4.000 elephants left.


If you happen to travel to Thailand in November, then you are in luck. Ye Peng is one of the fascinating festivals. “Yee” means two, and “Peng” stands for full moon day. This indicates the exact night of the festival: the second full moon of the Lanna calendar.

OUR TIP: The festival usually happens on the last week of November, please check the exact dates online. In 2018, when we visited, it started on November 21st.

2 people releasing lanterns into the night sky during ye peng festival
Releasing balloons during Ye Peng festival


On our second visit, we dug in even more into Thai culture and did our first cooking course ever.

If you want to take at least once a cooking class in your life, then you definitely should learn how to create Thai dishes. Thai food is my absolute favorite, and most people we’ve meet agreed that it’s yummy.

Who doesn’t know the famous tom yam, Tom Kha or Pad thai? There are many cooking courses, but we absolutely recommend Sammy’s cooking courses.

2 people holdings pans participating in a Thai cooking class which is a must do activity for your 10 day thailand itinerary
Learning how to cook Thai food


If you still don’t have enough of temples and crave for some more, then this one should be in your 10 day Thailand itinerary. It is located a 3 hours drive from Chiang Mai located in a city called Chiang Rai, there are many day tours going to the White Temple.

This full day tour will take you to the White Temple, Golden Triangle, and Wat Phra That Chedi Luang.


The Chang Khlan Road is a very famous night bazar which is open every day. Here you can find anything and everything. Prepare some change and bring your bargaining skills to get the best deals.


BUDGET: We stayed for the second time in a place called Sunshine House. Its a great hotel for budget travelers. It has a great location, clean rooms and private bathrooms.

MIDDLE RANGE: Rainforest ChiangMai Hotel has affordable nice rooms, 2 outdoor pools and free breakfast.

LUXURY: Gordnuea Boutique House has an excellent location, beautiful rooms with breakfast and is located only 300m from the Sunday Walking Street and 500m from Chiang Mai Gate.

Now that you experienced a slice of Thai culture, played with elephants, visited many ancient temples, it is time to relax.


If you like to enjoy great island hopping and explore wonderful beaches, then this for you. Our 10 day Thailand itinerary covers some of the best beaches which can be found in Krabi region. If you are reading till now, you probably have realised that 10 days in Thailand is not enough to explore all the islands.

Krabi has many beautiful islands and beaches and they are more or less easy to reach.

This is a detailed guide on Krabi Region with all your travel tips on beaches, islands, and island hopping tours: THE 12 MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES IN KRABI.


You can easily fly to Krabi from Chiang Mai or Bangkok. Ever since an airport near Krabi town was opened, tourism boomed.

Make sure to book an early flight so you can enjoy most of your day on the beach.


You can do many boat tours and island hopping trips in Krabi. Ao Nang beach is in general a good base for you to stay. You can arrange a full-day boat tour from Ao Nang (with a pick up at your hotel), during which you go to Ao Phra Nang Beach, Railay Beach, and several islands in Had Noppharatthara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park or Than Bok Khorani National Park.


Ao Phra Nang Beach is a very beautiful place, but be aware that it might be very busy. Make sure to stop at the very peculiar Princess Cave. You will find out what we mean once you have seen it.

aerial view on blue water and ao phra nang beach
Doesn’t it remind you of an elephant?


One of the most famous beaches in Thailand is Railay Beach. Railay is of the most busiest beaches in Thailand, so if you don’t like many people around, you might skip it during your 10 day itinerary. However, this beach is surrounded by beautiful rocks and everywhere you can see the iconic Thai boats.

a girl standing in front of many thai boats and cliffs in the background
Iconic Thai boats

OUR TIP: Arrange a private tour, which will allow you to leave earlier and enjoy places without too many people. If you don’t fancy a private tour then this is for you: Full day trip to all 4 islands for 30€.


You also have to see the islands Koh Poda and Tup or Chicken Island which are part of the Had Noppharatthara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. There is a difference in pricing for tourists and locals. In January 2018 we paid 400 Baht per person.


For your second island hopping trip starting in Ao Nang you can visit the islands of the Mu Ko Hong group located in Than Bok Khorani National Park. There are all together 13 small islands and Ko Hong (Room Island) is the largest island among them. Check some affordable tours here.


If you like more mainstream places, Phuket is your choice. We personally didn’t like Phuket, as it is really touristy and the main beach at Phuket is not what it used be (according to Thailand veterans). However, there are many accommodations and many restaurants and bars to choose from. You can easily fly to Phuket from Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

OUR TIP: Rent a scooter and drive around to reach the more remote and peaceful beaches on Phuket.

From Phuket you can go for a day trip to Ko Phi Phi and visit Maya Bay. Be aware that Maya Bay is closed at the moment due to clean up and to let marine life recover. It will be reopened once marine life recovers.

a girl enjoying maya bay beach one of the best beaches in Krabi
heavenly blue water


BUDGET: We stayed a bit outside of Ao Nang Beach in a beautiful place called Rangsiman Resort with a pool, free breakfast and fast wifi. Not to mention, the hosts, who are such wonderful people.

MIDDLE RANGE: Haleeva Sunshine Aonang offers colourful accommodation surrounded by tropical gardens.

LUXURY: Resort Maleedee Bay is a 10-minute drive from Chao Fa Pier with an outdoor pool and breakfast.


If you want to spend your 10 days in Thailand lying on the beach, then do not fear, you can. There is another group of islands in Thailand, which are very popular and where it’s easy to spend 10 days. Thus, if you don’t want to go to Krabi, then Koh Tao, Koh Samui and/or Koh Phangan might be for you.


If you manage to arrive in the morning, you can still have time to visit either Grand Central Palace or wat Run. If you arrive in the evening, then just go to your hotel and rest.


Would you like to learn scuba diving? Koh Tao is a true getaway to diving and this is where many travelers get their PADI (or SSI) certification. I have done my diving course in Koh Tao with Scuba Shack and I can’t recommend them enough. However, if you don’t want to dive, you can just chill on the beach and you can also go for a trip to the Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint.

You can easily organize transport by bus and ferry from Ao Nang Beach to Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan.

Open Water Scuba Diving 4-Day Course


Koh Samui is a very popular destination, especially among honeymoon makers. It is a beautiful island and if you think you might get bored, don’t worry. You can do a full day to the Angthong Marine Park, which consists of a pristine archipelago with 42 limestone islands.

Don’t forget your hiking shoes and a snorkeling mask. If you are tired of beaches, then there is Wat Phra Yai temple which is famous for its giant Buddha. Again, just rent a scooter and explore the island on your own.


If you are into a party, then this island is for you. Koh Phangan is home to the famous full moon parties which were first introduced in 1983. However, you need to make sure to check when is the party so you don’t miss it

OUR TIP: If you want to get some sleep, make sure to not book a hotel near the beach. It gets loud and it’s here where the parties happen.


As promised we also created an itinerary just for beach lovers. So if you are looking forward to some relaxing beach holiday, then this 10 day Thailand itinerary is for you.


If you have just a little bit of time, make sure to visit one fo the temples of Bangkok, either Grand central palace or Wat Run.


Koh Mak and Koh Kood are part of the Koh Chang islands and we love them so much. You need around one full day to reach them from Bangkok, but it is surely worth it. We spent Christmas holidays on Koh Mak and it was absolutely awesome. Koh Mak is a very small island and you can literally walk everywhere.


One of my favorite island in Koh Chang Islands. Koh Kood is an ultimate paradise and we would like to visit it again. Koh Kood is bigger than Koh Mak and you need to hire a scooter to get around.

pink skies, men sitting on the sand and admiring sunset, one of the best things to do on Koh Kood
Enjoying sunset views





Koh Lipe doesn’t make it to most of the people itineraries, but if you have visited all the places mentioned above then you need to come to Koh Lipe. It is a bit of hustle to get to Koh Lipe, but once you do you will be rewarded with heavenly turquoise waters and great snorkeling. Koh Lipe is not really a secret hidden gem, but you will definitely love it there.

woman swimming in the turquoise waters and in front of Thai boat on Koh Lipe
swimming in the turquoise waters in Koh Lipe


If you are not really into beaching and island hopping, that’s fine. Bangkok and Thailandhas so much to offer for culture lovers that you can spend the entire 10 days in Thailand just visiting temples and getting to know the history of Thailand.


The best way how to start your Cultural route is to come to Bangkok. Three days in Bangkok will give you plenty of time to explore some of the most impressive temples in Thailand. We would start exploring Wat Run temple, which is super photogenic. You can get even a typical Thai tattoo and Thai massage (it actually hurts). Next to Wat Run, you will explore Wat Pho which is famous for its 15 meters high and 46 meters long reclining Buddha.


If you are into history, then you need to visit Ayutthaya on your cultural route around Thailand. This former capital of Thailand, the old Kingdom Siam, can be reached from Bangkok, and it should take you around 2 hours. We definitely recommend you to spend here a whole day, so make sure to leave after an early breakfast.

The best way how to get around Ayutthaya is by hiring bikes.


Chaing Mai needs to be on your list. If you wonder why you should spend 4 days in Chiang Mai, hear us out. You need at least a day to explore the temples of Chiang Mai. On your second day, you need to visit due Suthep which is a little bit outside of Chiang Mai.

golden statue of Buddha with a purple wall and golden tree
Wat Chedi Luang

On your third day, you need to organize a day trip to Chiang Rai and see the amazing white temple of Thailand, Wat Rung.

On your last day in Chiang Mai, you can visit the Elephant sanctuary and do a cooking course in the evening.

woman wearing blue dress is standing next to the elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand


To complete this detailed 10 day Thailand itinerary, we summed up all the questions that you might be asking yourself. Make sure to read them, especially when you are visiting Thailand for the first time.

What is the currency in Thailand?

TBH (Baht) is the official currency of Thailand.

100 TBH = $3 USD

Is Thailand easy to travel?

Absolutely! It is so much fun to travel around Thailand. Thailand is tourism wise very developed and you will find connections to almost every place you can imagine visiting.

Is Thailand dangerous for tourists?

NO! We always felt very safe when traveling in Thailand. The only thing which we would recommend is to be careful when exchanging money, booking tours and buying souvenirs. Sometimes locals might charge you more than they should.

When to travel in Thailand?

The trickiest question when it comes to Thailand is when to actually visit Thailand? Moreover, where to go when?

Thailand is a big country and many travelers struggle with when to visit. Mostly, because the east and west coast of Thailand have different weather and seasons.

three palm trees in front of the ocean during sunset on Phuket which needs to be in your 10 day thailand itinerary
Phuket, Thailand


Since Bangkok has three main seasons, it is up to when to visit. I guess the best time is to come is in the (northern hemisphere) wintertime, roughly between November and February. If you want to avoid rain, then don’t come to Bangkok from July till October.


If you are visiting the north of Thailand, you need to know that the dry season starts in November and lasts until May. From May till October, it is rainy season. The weather from November till February can be a bit cool, with temperatures below 20C°. We would definitely recommend visiting the north from March to May when the temperatures are higher and reach 30 degrees Celsius.


South Thailand includes famous Krabi and Phuket and most people get the weather wrong here. It does get tricky. If you want to visit the east coast of Thailand you want to avoid traveling between September and December as you will get a lot of rain. For the west coast, you want to avoid April to October as it is a rainy season.

You will notice that some tour companies will offer a cheap vacation to Thailand during the rainy season as the hotel prices drop rapidly.

Do I need a Visa in Thailand?

Yes, you do need a visa when you are visiting Thailand. For most of the countries, you will need to obtain a visa at your arrival (free). You will be given a tourist visa for 30 days automatically once you enter Thailand. If you would like to stay longer you have the possibility to extend your stay. You can find more information on visas here.

But keep in mind that if you want to extend your stay for 15 days you need to pay 1.900 Bath. If you do want to bother with paperwork and authorities then there is a little trick. You can leave Thailand and come back and you will get another 30 days granted automatically. It is totally up to you, but you either pay or just leave Thailand and come back.

P.S.: Make sure to have a return ticket or proof that you are leaving Thailand as you might run into trouble otherwise.

How is the Internet in Thailand?

We will never forget how Nico was watching a football game in HD quality on a boat going to Ko Tao. We also streamed Game of Thrones and Babylon Berlin episodes on a small island called Koh Muk (Trang archipelago), and we managed to do it with our sim card from company DTAC.

I guess here is your answer, the internet in Thailand is awesome at least if you have SIM card. So make sure to get a SIM card as most of the providers will offer UNLIMITED DATA that actually works even in the middle of the ocean. If you are spending 10 days in Thailand, you should definitely get a Thai Simcard.

What is the best month to go to Thailand?

You need to know that Thailand doesn’t have just one climate zone. Thailand is huge, and the climate varies throughout different regions. However, the best time to travel in Thailand is between November and the beginning of April.

Do Thai speak English?

Yes! Almost every person in Thailand speaks good English to communicate. However, it is still nice to know a few words in Thai to show respect.

Hello: Sa wat dee kaaaa (if you are female) and Sa wat dee-kab (if you are male)

Thank you: Kob khun – kaaaa (if you are female) and Kob Khun – kab (if you are male)

Tasty (You will need it a lot here) : Aroi

Can I drink the water in Thailand?

Absolutely not, don’t drink TAP WATER in Thailand. Tap water in Thailand is not safe. It’s better to use a reusable bottle with an integrated filter. This way you’ll stay healthy and reduce plastic use.



Please make sure to bring with you enough sustainable sun lotion as it can get really hot, and you do not want to run around like a red tomato. We use sun lotions from Raw Elements that are chemical-free, sustainable and not harming our ocean (use Gigi10 for 10% off )



Maybe you are surprised and asking yourself why the hell do I need long sleeve shirts and long pants when going to Thailand. Easy, Thai people love airconditioning. So once you are on the bus or the boat, you might freeze to death. So do yourself a favor and get yourself Thai pants (you will love them).

Also, most Thais are Buddhists and if you want to enter a temple, you need to cover your shoulders and knees.


If you travel on the boat, you are mostly safe, but you never know, and there is a chance that you will get wet. We also have our photography gear in the waterproof backpack.

We had a really awesome time in Thailand, even if we were only there for 10 days, we saw a lot of places, and I am sure you will have fun as well. Hit us up if you have questions in the comment section. We hope that you will enjoy your time in Thailand and that this 10 day Thailand itinerary will help you to plan your awesome next trip.

If you are curious about what gear do we use, make sure to check our 16 Photography must-haves that we can’t live without.

If you would like to get more help on how to plan perfect trips, then have a look at how to plan a travel itinerary.

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About The Authors

About the author
Since I was little I always wanted to see the world. Travel to new places, get to know new cultures, see how other people live. I love beaches and I love discovering tropical destinations. That is why, together with my partner Nico, we created this blog to share with you the most beautiful beaches and stunning holiday destinations which we visited during our travels.

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