how to spend two days in Munich, best itinerary by a local

2 Days In Munich – Exciting 2 Days Munich Itinerary By A Local

If you have only 2 days in Munich, don’t worry, in this itinerary, I will show you around. Munich or München is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. I don’t say that just because I live here. There is so much to do and see.

Munich is not only about Oktoberfest, beer, and white sausages. Munich is home to beautiful architecture, many green parks, and one of the best things about Munich is that when you want to leave the city bustle behind, you can hop on your bike (or car, public transport) and be in nature right away. And because Munich is located in Bavaria, it is a great gateway to the Alps, mountains and many beautiful lakes.

Yes, you are reading that right. Munich is a very fun town and there is something for everyone. The only problem is that 2 days in Munich is definitely not enough to see it all. But that is just another excuse to come here again.

In this 2 days Munich itinerary you will see absolutely the best spots that you can’t miss.

how to spend 2 days in Munich with best itinerary from a local
aerial view on munich, red rooftops which has to be in your 2 days munich itinerary
Welcome to München!


If you are planning to visit Munich there are many ways how you can reach it. You can either fly to Munich International Airport (called Franz Josef Strauß) which is located only around 30 minutes by car from the city.

If you are taking public transport that you should count around one hour to reach the city center. You can easily catch the so called S-Bahn from the airport. Just don’t forget to get a ticket. You can take the lines S1 and S8 and it costs around 11,20 €.

There is also an Airport bus that costs 10,50 €.

If you are traveling around Europe, it would be wise to get an European train pass.

You can also take a taxi but taxis (60 €) are very expensive in Germany in general, so the best way is to organize a shared taxi. Until recently Uber was finally allowed in Germany, so if I were you I would definitely check that option as well.


Actually the best way how to get around the Munich is on foot. If you are staying in the city center, you can literally walk anywhere. It is also the best way how to explore the city. But Munich has great public transport: buses, trams and Subway/Metro (called U-Bahn).

Just know that a one-single ticket cost 2.80 €, which is a bit expensive. But if you need to do a short journey, up to 4 stops in Bus and tram or up to two stops in U Bahn, then you can get a short journey ticket for 1,40 € (Kurzstrecke Ticket).

If you are planning to make more journeys a day, then we would recommend you to get a Day ticket (Tageskarte) which costs 6,60 € and it is only valid for the city center (Zone Innenraum). If you are staying a couple of days, definitely get a 3-day ticket which costs 16,50 €.

If you are staying a bit outside of the old town, then you can get a Streifenkarte which costs 13,50 € and you can use it for all 10 zones.

You can also rent a bike and bike around, but be careful. Driving a bike in busy city traffic in Munich can be a dreadful experience.

PS: I fell from my bike here in Munich and I broke my leg, so stay alert. This brings me to another point: NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE,  so make sure you are covered.

You can join Hop on and Hop off double-decker bus tour around the Munich and see all the highlights.


Well, the simple answer is no! But, you can definitely see the most popular spots in Munich in 2 days. But we are warning you, you might be tired at the end of your stay. However, we promise that you won’t be disappointed and you will have lots of fun. Yes, we are planning a fun break in a beer garden as well…


a hand holding up a brezel with the new townhall of Munich in the background
Welcome to Munich. Have a Brezel!

During your two days in Munich, you will explore the old town of Munich. Here, you will visit the most famous spots in the Northern and Southen parts of the old town. We will take to the oldest market called Viktualienmarkt where you can enjoy a typical German lunch, you will have a beer (or two) in beautiful English Garden. You can choose from many museums that you can visit and as the cherry on top, we will show you the coolest sunset spot.

And if you have more than 2 days in Munich, then you can also choose from additional things and places to see in and around Munich at the end of the article.

Excited? Then let’s go explore Munich together!


Hopefully, you are arriving in Munich early in the morning so you can use most of your day. Here are the best things to do in Munich in 2 days


Let’s kick off this 2 days Munich itinerary in the old town. The old town of Munich is so beautiful, at some point, you will feel like you are walking around in an open-air museum. And honestly, the old town of Munich deserves its own itinerary as there is so much to see.

The old town is divided into OLD TOWN SOUTH and OLD TOWN NORTH.

Okay, I can feel that you are panicking, but don’t worry. We created a simple route that will allow you to see the most of it. And if you have only 2 days in Munich, the old town is one of the absolute highlights.


Because you can spend only one day in the old town, we will concentrate on the absolute top spots. And if you don’t visit the old town during your 2 days stay, it is like you haven’t been to Munich.

a ceiling painting in a church in Munich
Ceiling of a church in Munich


Marienplatz is definitely a great place to start your day one of the top things to see in Munich in 2 days. The name Marienplatz means St. Mary’s square. Locals back in the 17th century named it Marienplatz (St.Mary’s square) with a hope that Virgin Mary will protect them from a cholera epidemic.


In Marienplatz, you will see impressive a New Townhall (Neues Rathaus) with two statues of Virgin Marry. The Column of the Virgin Marry was built in 1638 as the gratitude for the end of the Swedish invasion.

Also, every hour on the New Townhall chiming clock you will see little figures moving around for about 15 minutes. During this time, most of the tourists gather around and film a little music show called the dance of the Coopers.

the clock tower of the new townhall at Marienplatz in Munich, best places to see during your 2 days itinerary
Neues Rathaus, Marienplatz

If you come in December, this is where one of the most famous and magical Christmas market in Europe is located (called Christkindlmarkt).


Next to the new town hall, you will also see the original old townhall (Altes Rathaus) that is smaller than the New Townhall.

several old buildings and a church
View on Altes Rathaus and Peterskirche


From Marienplatz, you want to walk towards Peter’s Church (Peterskirche) where you can go up the tower and enjoy a great view of Munich. This is the best way how to start your journey around Munich and we highly recommend it.

The entrance to the tower costs around 3 € (bring cash). Just know that you need to walk up many steps through a curvy staircase and you probably have to queue. It is defnitely worth it, though. Munich reminds me a little bit of Prague as there are many buildings with red rooftops.

View from the tower of Peter's church
View from the tower of Peter’s church

From the rooftop, you can’t miss women’s church (Frauenkirche) which has a big red roof and two twin marshmallow towers. Frauenkirche is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. After you come down from the rooftop of Peterskirche make sure to walk to Frauenkirche to admire the beautiful decor.


Can you imagine that this church was built just in 20 years? (between 1468-1488).

Frauenkirche is a very impressive church and if you look up, your neck will start to hurt as the church is 100 m (330ft) tall. Frauenkirche is also the highest building in Munich. Also, there is a rule that there cannot be any new building higher than Frauenkirche in the city center.

must-see in every 2 day itinerary of Munich: the Frauenkirche

It has a beautiful baroque gate and inside you will see the figure of Madonna and Christ that are dating to 13 century. Also here, you will see the tomb of king Ludwig IV of Bavaria.

OPENING TIMES: MAY-SEPT: 7:30 AM – 8:30 PM, OCT- APR: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM



If you are into technology and science you don’t want to miss the oldest and the largest museums of technology in the world. If we say large, we are talking about 6 floors and over 20.000 exhibits.

You can see many various things, like ceramic section and its famous Gallery of Beauties, the section on astronomy, computers, music and all inventions made in Germany that we know nowadays and many many many others.



What is one of the coolest places to visit in Munich in 2 days? Definitely Viktualienmarket! And you must be hungry by now and its time to try some german cuisine. If you are not aware, the federal state of Bayern is very famous for its white sausages (Weißwurst) with sweet mustard, brezel, and of course, white beer. Or try a Leberkassemmeln with sweet mustard (picture below).

You can actually book an awesome 2-hours gourmet food tour at Viktualienmarkt.

a breadroll with meat on it

It is not very healthy, but if you eat meat, you need to try it at least once. That is why we think that this is a perfect place where you can have your typical German/Bavarian lunch. And you are reading that right! This is the oldest Munich food market dating back to the 19th century. And it is only located 3 minutes walk from Marienplatz.

Find a free wooden bench in the beer garden and observe munich vibes while sipping one of the best beers in the world.

Or you can try some of the local restaurants in the area, such as Burgersaal. If you are trying to eat something really Bavarian, then try Leberknödel soup (beef broth with liver dumplings), Schweinshaxe (roast pork knuckle), Tafelspitz (poached beef brisket with veggies).

Unfortunately, Bavarian food is not very vegetarian friendly. However, in Munich, you can find every type of cousin you like.


After your lunch, we hope that you got a lot of energy and our 2 days Munich itinerary continues further.

Walk back to Marienplatz and head to Sendlinger Straße. I know you have seen already two churches, but you really need to see Asamkirche located on Sendlinger Straße. Sendlinger street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Munich and also home to the Asamkirche.

Insideview of Asamkirche and an essential stop on a 2 day itinerary Munich

This church is also known as the Church of St. Johann Nepomuk and it was designed by the Asam brothers. Baroque and rococo were totally trending in these times (1733-1746) and they indeed created a masterpiece.

It is a very small church but it will take your breath away. Don’t forget to look up the ceiling to see gorgeous painting depicting scenes from the life of St. Johann Nepomuk.


Next to the church, you will also see the Asam house (Asamhaus), and you guessed it right. The Asam brothers lived there with their families. This is actually the first time when artists built their own house next to the church that they designed.

a facade of a house in Munich

Who were Asam brothers? Their names were Cosmas Damian Asam who was a fresco painter and Egid Quirin Asam, a famous sculptor. There were both taught by their father who was a painter. We won’t bore you with the history, but the Asam brothers weren’t that similar as you might think. Cosmos was married twice and had 13 children (good that they had a huge house) and Egid was single and apparently a bachelor for life.

Do you know how to craft a perfect travel itinerary? Find out all our 20 easy tips to plan your awesome trip.


You just saw the most important places in the Old town North and now we are going to spend the afternoon in the Old Town South.

This part of the old town is a very elegant part of Munich, with many fancy shops and impressive buildings around. Again, you will have a feeling like walking around an open-air museum.


view on Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich
Bayerische Staatsoper

You will pass by the huge Max Joseph square where you will see the Bayerische Staatsoper (Bavarian state opera). Keep walking straight until you pass by the statue of king Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria. Rumors say that if you touch his foot, it will bring you luck.


On the right side, you will see another small square with significant historical importance. Fieldmarshal’s hall (Feldernhalle) was built in 1841 to honor two marshals Karl Philipp and Johann Tilly fighting in the 30 years’ war that ravaged large parts of Germany.

a statue standing in a open hall

Also here on November 8th, 1923 Adolf Hitler announced the people’s revolution. There were around 2.000 soldiers marching under his command to take over Munich. The march was stopped by the police. 4 policemen and 16 of Hitler’s soldiers were shot during the “Putsch” and Hitler fled to Staffelsee, but later on, he was arrested and put into prison and sentenced to 5 years. Since the main judge in Munich, was a Hitler supporter, Hitler got out after 2 years. During these 2 years, he wrote his stupid book, “Mein Kampf”.


Another part of our 2 days Munich itinerary is exploring the magnificent Residenz.

Residenz used to be home of the Wittelsbach dynasty until 1918. The whole compound of Residenz is very large and you can literally spend the entire day here. As you have only several hours to explore Residenz, we will show you absolutely the best parts that you can’t miss out on.

view on an old building

Here, at the Residenz, you will find many beautiful rooms and a museum. However, to us the most impressive part of the Residenz is the Antiquarium.

This is one of the most beautiful rooms in the Residenz and it used to be a ceremonial hall. You will see an impressive ceiling with Renaissance elements.


If you have only a few hours to discover Residenz then we highly recommend getting a combination ticket. You can take the Royal Residence which includes Antiquarium and Treasury for 14 €. You are able to see these two in 3 – 4 hours.

In the treasury room (Schatzkammer) you can see the original crown and orb of the Bavarian Kings. Also, make sure to walk through the Green Gallery (Grüne Galerie) to admire impressive Rococo decor.

If you have time and energy you can also check out the East Asian collection, coin collection, and the Rezidenz Museum.

Wow, you must be exhausted. But righteously so, you just spent a fantastic first day in Munich.


As it’s your last day in Munich and there is still so much to see, make sure to get up early and head to the city after breakfast.


If you would like to get to the Königsplatz, you can either walk from the old town or get here with Uber or public transport. Your final stop is Königsplatz. We love this area so much as it is very central but kind of away from all the tourists. We live just 5 minutes from Königsplatz. So if you’re around, let us know and say hi.

The second day of your 2 days Munich itinerary will lead you to Munich’s museum district aka little Athens. I call it little Athens because the buildings have beautiful architecture, using the neoclassical style

King Ludwig was known as being obsessed with pretty things and wanted to rebuild the old Munich and give it a new vibe. So he directed Leo von Klenze to create a new face for Munich. Leo was in love with Neoclassicism and this is why you will see many buildings all over the Munich in this style, including Residenz. And not sure if you been, but the New Hermitage in St Petersburg is on him too. Thank you, Leo, it still looks amazing!

Similar to the Museumsinsel in Berlin, this area is full of museums, and if you are a museum freak you will be in heaven. But we have to warn you, you can’t possibly see all of them in one day.

What I would do is to pick 1 or max 2 museums and use 4 hours for exploration. Depending on your interests here are the top museums in the Museum District of Munich:


Neu Pinakothek is one of my favorite art galleries in the world. Here you can find one of the most beautiful paintings of the 19th century featuring world-class artists like Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissaro, Auguste Renoir, Max Liebermann, and of course the famous Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh.

It is a really wonderful art collection where you will see paintings featuring neoclassicism, early and late romanticism, impressionism and post-impressionism, symbolism and Art Nouveau.

Maybe you surprised, but we as beach people, we really love checking out art galleries and museums.

ENTRANCE: 7 € from Mon-Sat, 1 € on Sundays

Because of the recent COVID pandemic, Neue Pinakothek also offers an online display of its art pieces.


I am not a fan of “old” art from the 15th to 18th centuries, as I prefer seeing more happy impressionistic artists, but if you are a fan, here you can see many impressive historic pieces from international artists, including paintings from Rembrandt, or Leonardo da Vinci’s “Madonna and Child” from 1473.

ENTRANCE: 4 € from Mon-Sat, 1 € on Sundays


If you are into modern arts and want to see pieces from Picasso or famous German artist Max Beckmann, then you need to see the largest museum of modern art in the world. Find out more about Modern Pinakothek here.

ENTRANCE: 10 € from Mon-Sat, 1 € on Sundays


Another beautiful building featuring 2 museums, which is called Glyptothek. Here you can find Greek and Roman sculptures, like the sculpture of Medusa, Athena, or famous Barbarian Faun. There is also the temple of Aphaia on Aegina dating to 500 BC. The second museum is called The State Collections of Antiquities which is collections of the artifacts collected by the Wittelsbach family.

Oh, and you probably won’t miss the Propylaen which used to be Leo von Klenze’s city gate. It is a very cool spot to take photos.

ENTRANCE: 6 € from Mon-Sat, 1 € on Sundays


All right, lets move on from the Museum district, I am sure you need a break now.

As you are still around the Königsplatz we as locals recommend stopping at Hamburgerei which is only 2 minutes of walking from Propylaen. They have awesome burgers, including, vegan and vegetarian options, tasty salads, and sweet potato fries.

If you need something sweet, go to Ballabeni Icecream Werkstatt, they have one of the best ice creams in Munich.


Can you imagine that this is one of the largest city parks in Europe? Your two days in Munich wouldn’t have been completed without spending some time in this gorgeous park.

If you come to visit Munich during Oktoberfest, this is where you want to be. Next to the Chinese tower, there is a beer garden, so grab a beer and try to sing some German Schlager songs along.

a tree with red leaves standing next to a lake in Englischer Garten, must see during your 2 days munich itinerary
Englischer Garten

Why is it called English Garden?

The reason why this garden is called English Garden is that it was created copying the popular landscaping style used in England back in the 1800s.

So what can you do in English Garden?

Well, you can walk around, enjoy the green scenery, lakes, or you can chill next to the river stream, observe ducks or you can surf at the Eisbach. Just make sure to bring your wet suit, the water is very chilly.


Next to the English Garden in the University district, you will find a church with one of the most beautiful blue ceilings. This church is called Ludwigs church (Ludwigskirche).


Well, if you have seen all the places we have mentioned here, then wow. Impressive. And if not, don’t worry, we know its a lot and this also make you feel like you need to come back.

If you are traveling around Europe, then check out the best photo spots in Prague or the best beaches in Crete in Greece.


If you have more than two days in Munich to spend, then these extra places are definitely for you and you need to add them into your itinerary.


If you would like to know where the locals hang out on sunny days or weekends, then come to Isar.

Isar is the river that flows through Munich but there is a certain part which is absolutely loved by locals between Luitpold bridge and Cornelius bridge. We love to hang out next to the Maximilian bridge (Maximilianbrücke).

Make sure to grab some snacks and drinks and come sit with us. You can go swim in the river, but be aware that the stream is often strong and a few people drown every year in the Isar.


If you are looking for another getaway into nature, then you need to visit Nymphs’ Castle (Nymphenburg). Nymphenburg is located quite central and you can easily reach it with public transport. If it’s nice weather, you can hire a bike (or an e-scooter) and bike there as well.

The area around Nymphenburg is very large and you can literally spend here the entire day. You can go inside of the castle and check several majestic rooms, portraits, galleries, including Gallery of beauties with a picture of Helene Sedlmayr aka the Beauty of Munich.

After, you can walk next to the canals and walk around the garden. There is also a possibility to have a little gondola boat ride on the main canal (just like the ones in Venice).


If you have more time to explore the history of Munich, make sure to visit the Jewish center. Here you will learn more about Jewish culture and the aspects of Jewish life.

the synagogue in Munich



For every BMW, or in general, a car fan, visiting the famous BMW world is a dream come true. There are in total of 5 platforms where you can see different exhibitions.

You can see the first cars, including the famous Dixi. I personally enjoyed seeing race cars from the 1950s and 1960s. Nico loves the 507 (Elvis used to have one of these).

view over the several roofs with the BMW headquarters in the background
BMW headquarters


If you are into film, then you need to make sure to visit Hollywood of Bavaria. There are many films and tv shows produced in this film studio or as we call it cinema city.


If you think that you are going to be bored in Bavaria, Na! There are so many awesome day trips from Munich that you can take.


Neuschwanstein Castle pronounced as Noj-shvan-shtein is without any doubt one of the most beautiful castles in Germany and in the world. No visit to Germany wouldn’t be complete without seeing this beautiful magical castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle during sunset and one of the best places to see during your 2 days in munich
Neuschwanstein Castle

The best way how to get to Neuschwanstein Castle is to rent a car or join a day tour. It takes around 1.5 h from Munich to get to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Book your day tour to Neuschwanstein Castle here.


If you would like to see the highest mountain in Germany, then you need to come tvisit Zugspitze. What also makes this location special is lake Eibsee. It takes around 90 minutes to reach it from Munich.

Nearby Garmisch-Patenkirschen is one of the most famous places for winter sports and many skiing tournaments are organized here. So if you are a fan, make sure to visit Munich and Zugspitze in winter.

Also, if you would like to go up to the top, you do not even have to ski. You can take a gondola and just relax and enjoy the views. It is a bit pricey, the return gondola journey will set you back 45 €.

If you do not want to go up, we highly recommend to walk around the lake, enjoy the scenery and the views on Zugspitze from the ground.


There are many accommodations in Munich and depending on your budget you can choose from many places. I would highly recommend you to stay as close as possible to the old town. Munich is a little bit pricey and we also recommend you to book your hotel in advance. And if you have only 2 days in Munich, you don’t have to spend so much for the accommodation.

For a budget, option check Munich Deluxe Hotel which is only a 15-minute walk from Karlsplatz and includes breakfast. For fancier option check Hotel Cristal which is only a 5-minute walk from Karlsplatz.

Also, when you are coming during Octoberfest, you need to book your hotel in advance. Some people even book a full year beforehand. The prices during the Octoberfest are very expensive.


There are also many awesome Airbnbs in the area, so if you are looking for more local experience, definitely check it out. If you are new to Airbnb, you can get $37 off on your first stay.


If you are not sure what pack, then first you need to see at what season you are traveling to Munich.

Germany has 4 seasons and the weather varies in each season. Also, Munich is located near the Alps and often we are getting mountain weather. That means the weather during the week changes very often. One day it is 30 C° and the next morning it’s 15 C°. Supernormal for instance in summer.


If you are coming in winter, you need to bring warm clothes. The winter starts in November and lasts until the end of February. A proper coat, hat, and gloves are essential. Especially if you are visiting nearby Neuschwanstein Castle or Zugespitze, you will very likely encounter snow. Don’t forget to bring with you waterproof shoes as it snows and rains often in Munich.


Spring starts in April and lasts till May. There are not many tourists around and there are plenty of sunny days too. You will see many blossoms around. Generally speaking it is a good time for a visit.

  • It does rain sometimes, so make sure to bring with you a good water-resistant raincoat and waterproof shoes.


If you decide to visit Munich in summer, which starts end of May and lasts till August (or mid of September) you will have many sunny days with temperatures up to 35 C°. However, due to the mountains nearby, Munich gets a lot of cool winds and temperatures can change rapidly.

  • If you are visiting nearby lakes, make sure to bring hiking clothes and a swimsuit.
  • Sun cream is also a must ( we use Raw Elements- Gigi10 for 10% off)
  • Comfortable sandals or sneakers, summer dresses, shorts, and short t-shirts.

Also, evenings and mornings can be cool (20 C°), so it is quite handy to bring with you some long-sleeve T-shirt or cardigan.


The most popular time to visit Munich is during Octoberfest which starts at the end of September and lasts till mid of October. If you are lucky, you might have some sunny days during Octoberfest, and often it’s warm during the day (up to 25 C°), but evenings and mornings are pretty chilly. We call it “late summer days”.

  • Comfortable shoes (water-resistant) warm clothes with a light jacket or trench coat
  • If you are attending Octoberfest, you “need” to wear a Dirndl (Ladies) or Lederhosen (Gents).


Yes, most people especially in the tourist industry do speak good English. People from Munich are known for being a bit snobby, and rude, so don’t take it personally.


If you are planning to travel around Europe, as a citizen of the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand you do not need a visa if you are not staying over 3 months.


Hello – Hallo/ Guten Tag

Good morning – Guten Morgen

Good evening – Guten Abend

How are you? – Wie geht es Ihnen? (formal) / Wie geht es dir? (informal)

My name is … – Ich heiße… / Meine Name ist...

How much does it cost? – Wie viel kostet es?

I would like to have one beer. – Ich möchte ein Bier, bitte.

Bill, please. – Die Rechnung, bitte.

I don’t speak German. – Ich spreche kein Deutsch.

I am very sorry. – Es tut mir sehr leid.

Bye – Tschüss (informal) / Auf Wiedersehen (formal)

Oh wow, this 2 days Munich itinerary, got a bit too long. We hope that you are going to have a great time. Munich is an amazing city and I am happy to call it home. We are sure that you will enjoy it and come back again.

a heart made of gingerbread saying a greeting in German
Gruß aus München


2 days Munich itinerary by a local

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