Best photo spots in Prague

Best Photo Spots in Prague: 21 Beautiful Photography locations

If you are looking for the best photo spots in Prague, then this is the right place for you.

Majestic Prague is known as one of the most Instagram-able cities in the world and there are many reasons why. There are so many awesome photography spots in Prague and you can pick from so many locations depending on your mood.

I love Prague, and I don’t say it because I consider myself as half Czech but because it is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With this Prague photo guide, I will guide you through the cobbled streets of Prague, the best views, and hidden spots.

Known as a red roof city, there are many beautiful photo spots in Prague that will melt your heart away.

 the views on the Old Square
Cheers to Prague, the views on the Old Square
Photo credit: Beata from beenoncloud9

I am so happy that my mama lives in Prague so I get to visit Prague very often and I feel at home there. And that’s why I am boldly going to pronounce myself as partly local and share with you some of the most beautiful locations in Prague that are well known but also photo spots that are off the beaten track.

And with this guide, you will take many beautiful pictures of Prague.

100% guaranteed.

an arial view on the buildings with red roofs over Prague
Prague from above


Before I start with this Prague photography guide, another important fact that I forgot to point out earlier, is that you can visit Prague in every season of the year. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to Prague in summer, spring, autumn, or winter. There are always unique spots that are awesome for taking photos.


As I am a summer person, I naturally love summer and summer days. Summer in Prague is wonderful; you have very hot days and warm nights. The sun goes down pretty late, which means that you can wander around Prague the whole day.

However, the only downfall for visiting Prague in summer is that the number of tourists is high. Starting your day super early is essential to beat the crowds.


Spring is such a beautiful season of the year. Days are getting longer and pretty warm too. Occasionally it might rain and for the evening you need a sweater as the temperatures could be around 15 degrees. You will see trees blossoming which makes it perfect for pictures. Also, sunsets are extremely beautiful.

woman in a blue dress holding a white day looking at the view of prague from Letna Hill which is one of the best photography spots in Prague
Cherinka (my friends doggy) and me in Letna Park


Prague is super magical in autumn. I love to play around with falling leaves. Make sure to check out Vysehrad during autumn.

yellow leaf with a view on Charles bridge in Prague
woman in orange sweater and hat throwing orange leaves in Prague
Autumn happiness


Despite the winters in central Europe can be really cold and temperatures can go down to below 0, visiting Prague in winter is absolutely awesome. Days are shorter, but there is still enough light during the day to explore the town.

And December is time for Christmas markets and this is definitely one of the highlights once in Prague. The good thing about visiting Prague in winter is that there are not as many tourists as during the summer months.

shot of hand holding a phone with a view on the river and Charles bridge with swans around
Swans and the view on the Charles bridge


Prague is packed with awesome photo locations and here are the most important ones that you cannot miss out on.

best photo spots and locations that you can find in Prague


Let’s start this awesome photography guide with one of the most famous places in Prague.

Probably the busiest place in Prague, Charles bridge is a must-see.

Okay, this is not the best photo spot that you can enjoy in Prague, and frankly speaking, locals hate to walk around Charles bridge. Charles bridge is one of the most crowded places, but on the other hand, one of the top places to visit in Prague.

many people walking on the Charles bridge that is one of the most beautiful photo spots in Prague
Charles bridge with a view on Prague castle


Here is my little trick.

If you zoom in a little, you will get this beautiful and ICONIC shot on the Prague castle. This is to me, one of the ideal pictures of Prague.

Iconic photo spot of Prague castle from the Charles bridge with birds flying around
Iconic Prague castle from the Charles bridge, one of the most iconic pictures of Prague

If you would like to enjoy this place without many people, make sure to come here early. The best would be before sunrise. Also, even in winter, you can capture pretty magical photos when Prague is covered in snow.

Also, if you are on the right side of the bridge (the side where the old town is), you will see the Powder tower. I would recommend going up the Powder tower especially for the sunset and see Prague from above. There is an entrance off 100 Korunas to go up, which is totally worth it.


The walk along the Vltava river is very picturesque and exactly here, you can take many beautiful pictures that are so typical for Prague.

woman in a red dress standing net to the black rain with a view over the river and Prague castle
Walking around the Vltava river

Once you come to Charles bridge you might be shocked how many people are actually walking here and it can be very challenging to take a photo.

LITTLE TRICK: If you would like to have a photo without millions of people with the castle in your background, I do recommend taking a photo from the right side of the Charles bridge.

woman in a grey hat, purple scarf standing in front of the Prague castle, one of the best photo spot
Standing on the right side from the Charles Bridge

If you keep walking along the river directly to the Dancing house you will have a breathtaking view of the Charles bridge. Here is also a favorite spot where swans come to shore.

woman in red dress and white hat sitting on stones with a view on the Charles bridge
Beautiful view on the Charles bridge
Photo credit: Beata from beenoncloud9


If you keep walking along the Vltava you will get to the Dancing house.

I absolutely love this building. I think there is nothing like this in the world. (if so, please let me know). These two modern buildings are dancing together and if you didn’t know the stone building represents dancer Fred Astaire and the glass building his partner Ginger Rogers. Now you know.

two buildings with many windows that are perfect photo spot in Prague
Dancing together

Just please be careful when taking a photo in front of it due to incoming traffic.

EXTRA PHOTO TIP: You can go up to one of the buildings. This is another awesome viewing point for the best photos in Prague.


Super touristy, overcrowded, but hey, you gotta see it!

There is no visit to Prague without seeing an old town square. The main square where you can see the astronomic clock (Orloj) is very worth seeing, just know, that it’s packed and most of the time super busy.

a view on the two tower tower with colourful buildings and many people around in old town square of Prague
Busy Old Town Square of Prague with Orloj on the left

The square is busy too and if you are looking for some cool ideas for your photos, then go up to one of the towers. You can go up to the Orloj Tower or there is a hotel called Terasa U Prince, where you can have a drink and this beautiful view.

Once you get to the restaurant/ hotel, you are expected to actually order something, which is not that bad, right?

champagne glass overlooking red roofs of Prague
Overlooking red roofs of Prague


If you visit Prague end of December, then you have a chance to visit the Christmas market situated in the old square.

This Christmas market is one of the most visited markets in Europe and without any doubt, one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world.

woman with red scarf and food stall at Christmas market which is the best photography spots in Prague
Location: Old Square, Photo credit: Beata from beenoncloud9

Here you can find many traditional treats, homemade DIY products, and great vibes.

And of course, the Christmas market belongs to one of the best photography spots in Prague. It is magical to take photos here in the evening where you can see all the Christmas lights. I would recommend having a camera that is suitable for night photography so you can make the best out of it.

There are many other Christmas markets located in the famous parts in Prague, so don’t be shy and explore them all.

Btw, you can go up the twin tower for the view over the square.


If you are visiting Prague, you must try trdelnik that is also perfect for photos. Buy a traditional trdelnik at the local stand and take a snap with a view of the twin tower.

There are many shops around that sell this sweet and traditional treat, but I would recommend getting it from a nearby street as they are cheaper than the ones in the main square.


One of my favorite photo spots in Prague is located on the left side of the Charles bridge. Mala Strana belongs to one of the most beautiful parts of Prague and here you can visit many beautiful locations.

This is where the Prague Castle is located and many, many pretty parks.

I recommend you to cross the Charles Bridge and walk up the cobbled streets. Don’t forget to look around as there are many side streets that are just perfect for taking pictures.

red, orange buildings in Prague
On the way to Prague Castle

Prague has many cute cafes and trendy restaurants and Cafe Melvin is one is my favorite ones. It is located next to Malostranska station. It has a local feel and great coffee.

woman in red dress siting and drinking coffee in front of pink building
Sipping coffee at Mala Strana’s cute cafe


On the way to the Prague castle, make sure to stop at the Lenon Wall. I won’t lie, this wall is not a great collection of beautiful art. But it is about the message of what this wall represents. People started to draw inspiration sayings on this wall to bring awareness about the current situation in the world.

woman in grey hat, black jacket in front of the colourful Joh Lenon Wall in Prague
John Lenon Wall

This wall is not protected, so after some time, people started to draw some random ugly graffiti on it and kind of ruined it. The reason why it’s called Lenon Wall is that you can find some famous parts of the songs written by John Lenon.

You might not love this particular photo location in Prague, but I found it pretty interesting. It’s on the way to the Prague castle so why not just stop for 2 minutes and decide for yourself.

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Prazska Loreta is located on Loreta’s square, right next to the Malostranska metro station. Prague’s Loreta is a very beautiful cloister and if you go inside you can visit the Holy hut that is a replica of a Virgin Mary house. There is also a very interesting museum showcasing many precious religious objects.

angle statue in front of the brown church called Prazska Loreta
In front of Prazska Loreta

But what is very picture worthy are the beautiful walls with paintings surrounding the cloister.

woman in orange sweater walking among colourful pillar and colourful ceiling.


Undoubtedly one of the many most picturesque photo spots in Prague. I won’t lie, I think the best way how to take a photo of Prague Castle is from the distance.

However, if you have time, then make sure to plan a full day to explore the Prague castle complex.

The view from Prague Castle is very stunning as well. You do not even need to pay to get into the Prague complex to come to this viewpoint. It is completely free.

woman in red dress in front of green grass with a view on Prague
The view on Prague from the Castle


Inside the Prague complex, there is one cute street called The golden Lane filled with old small colorful houses. At first, these houses used to be homes to guards of the castle. Then later on poor families lived there. And, in one of the houses, Franz Kafka used to live.

Franz Kafka was a very famous writer and novelist. Sadly his books only got recognized after his death. Maybe you might have heard of his famous novels such as The trial, The castle, or America. He is buried at the New Jewish cemetery Zizkov in Prague.


If you go down the street, right below the Prague castle I found this cute photo spot, right under Strahov Monastery. Also, if you go inside of Strahov Monastery you will have a chance to visit the Strahov library.

a girl in a red dress standing in front of church in Prague, best photo spot
In front of Strahov Monastery


Now, let’s get back to the beautiful viewing points of Prague that I mentioned earlier.

If you are walking around the Mala Strana part, you need to check out Park Letna. It’s one of my favorite parks in Prague and here you can enjoy some of the greatest views overlooking many bridges in Prague. I like to come here for the sunset, which is a great time of the day to get pretty pictures of Prague.

a view on the bridges of Prague, green bush and pinky sky in Letna park which is a must photo spot in Prague
Sunsetting in Prague


There are so many beautiful places in Prague where you can take unique pictures. And if you are looking for more inspiration, then check these photo locations out.


I am very lucky because my mum lives very close to Vysehrad which means that I can literally walk there in 15 minutes.

The classic way how to get to Vysehrad is to take a metro C and get off at the metro station Vysehrad.

But I really don’t like the walk to get to Vysehrad from the subway. You have to cross through a grey and cold parking lot so, if you have a choice and come to Vysehrad from the left side (facing the Vltava river) then you can climb up a pretty staircase all the way to the top. Moreover, you will have a beautiful view over the Charles Bridge and Prague castle.

brown bush with a view on the bridge and Prague castle
The view on Prague castle from Vysehrad

Once you arrive in Vysehrad there is a Cathedral and a beautiful park with stunning views over Prague.

pink door with baroque ornaments


This Prague photo guide wouldn’t be completed without mentioning night photography.

If you are into night photography then taking photos of night Prague will be very rewarding. As you can see, Prague has many sights, bridges and you won’t be disappointed. I would recommend using a camera that can shoot well in darkness and also use a tripod.

orange sky, bridges and the view on night Prague with lights


If you are looking for cool and alternative ideas, then check out some of the metro stations in Prague. There are a couple of them, including Malostranska station ( where Prague Castle, Prazska Loreta are located), then Muzeum, Jiriho z Podebrad, Staromestska, Namesti Miru, Flora, and many many more.

brown and green dots inside of the subway in Prague, which in an unique photo spot
Malostranska metro station

Just make sure, you stay behind the designated line for your safety.

I hope this Prague photo guide brings you a lot of inspiration for your next trip to the Czech Republic. There are many beautiful photo spots in Prague that will leave you breathless. So have fun exploring them, and I hope you will take many beautiful pictures of Prague.

Thank you Bea for letting me use some of your beautiful photos from Prague. Make sure to follow her on Insta. She has many lovely photos from Dubai and other cool locations.

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