Best things to do in Broome

The best things to see in Broome, Western Australia

If you are looking for the best things to see in Broome, then you came to the right place.

We really liked Broome. After driving through the Australian outback and Northern territory we were really looking forward to hopping into the water. Luckily Broome has many beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and happy camels running around the beach.

Broome also has the biggest tides in the Southern Hemisphere with a difference of up to 10 meters between high and low tide. 

arial shot over red sand beaches, one of best things to see in Broome
Welcome to Broome

So, if you are driving along the Western Australian coast, the chances that you pass by Broome is very high. And Broome should be definitely on your Australian bucket list.

Read to explore Broome and around?


Broome is also known as Rubibi and is the biggest town in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. Broome lies around 1700 km from Perth, it is a quiet small town with around 14,000 people living there.

The best way how to get to Broome from Darwin is to drive in your car or camper through the Kimberly region, which we also highly recommend you to see.

However, you can also cut the long journey by flying in, as there is also a Broome International airport.

If you are driving from Darwin to Broome, there are also other spots where you can stop such as Lake Argyle.


Before coming to Western Australia, we had no idea that Broome even existed and once you visit, you will be surprised by the diversity of landscape that Broome has to offer.

We are talking red and white sand beaches, extraordinary fauna and flora, and unique wild animals.

Here are absolutely the best things to do in Broome and around.

a woman standing in front of purple flower wall in Broome, Western Australia
Cute city Broome


One of the highlights in Broome is definitely the beaches. In particular Roebuck Bay beaches. This incredible contrast of colors will strike your eyes. 

arial drone shot with red beach,two people blue water and green mangroves, one of the best things to see in Broome
Roebuck Bay

Roebuck Bay is an extraordinary place, where you can see red sand beaches, turquoise water, and green mangroves at the same time. 

You can come to Roebuck Bay lookout first. It’s very easy to get to as there is a parking lot nearby.


However we recommend you to drive further to enjoy the beautiful scenery without many people. In order to get to the more remote beaches of Roebuck be prepared to drive around 30 km on a gravel road from the city center. We spent there the whole afternoon and admiring its beauty.

drone shot with red beach, two people blue water and green mangroves near Broome, Western Australia
Roebuck Bay with no one around

Make sure to come here around noon or midday. when the tight is low, so you can see mangrove trees in the water. 


Broome area is a bird watcher paradise325 bird species have been seen in Broome. You can also see many migratory shorebirds here as well. You can join one of the tours where you can learn more. 

EXTRA TIP FROM US: Make sure to download a free app on your phone to help you to identify the type of birds.


One of the best things to see in Broome is definitely cable beach with camels.

If you have seen some pictures on Insta from Broome, it must have been the one where you can see camels on the beach

We are not big fans of riding any animals, but we have to say that camels looked happy and they were treated very well.

drone shot with camel riding on the beach, one of the best things to see in Broome
Cable beach at sunset

Cable beach is very famous for a camel ride at the sunset and if there is no way you can miss it.

There are few companies who do these tours and you can check the most popular one here

orange sky with people riding camels on the beach
Cable Beach at the sunset


You can also just come to the beach, bring a drink or two and enjoy stunning sunset and mesmerizing colors. If you have 4WD, and if you are keen to drive on the beach, you definitely can.

purple pink sky over the beach with cars standing
What a spot for a drink

If you like to stay out of the beach and just enjoy a sunset from a different perspective, there are a couple of bars and restaurants where you can have a drink or dinner and enjoy a beautiful sunset.  

However, we also recommend you to come here during the day, to enjoy some good time on a white sand beach. The water is incredibly turquoise, just make sure to check for safety signs for swimming. 

woman standing in the blue water in Cable beach, Broome
Not bad for a city beach

You can hire a chair and umbrella, kayaks, or paddleboards.


From March till October, you can witness a natural phenomenon known as the Staircase to the moon.

yellow moon and reflection over the dark water, named as Staircase to the moon
Stairways to the moon

The most famous spots in Broome to see Staircase to the moon are along the Royeback bay all the way to the town beach, also in front of Mangrove hotel or night market in Town beach.

However, Broome is not the only place where you can “climb the stairs”.

You can see it also along the Pilbara and Kimberley Coastline.


Since Broome has the highest tides, the full moon rising above the ocean might seem very close to the water. That creates the illusion of seeing a staircase leading to the moon.

West Australia is very popular for its star gazing due to very little light pollution. In Broome, you can go for an Astro tour with Greg known as spaceGandalf. Broome is located to see the best of both the Southern and northern hemisphere sky with two galaxies clearly visible and also brightens parts of Milky Way galaxy displayed overhead. 


Every Saturday, Sunday from 8-13, and Thursday nights at Town beach you can stroll through a cute market, where you can buy locally made pearls, clothes, try delicious local coffee and food.

people walking around in Broome courthouse market
Broome courthouse market


Just 10 mins away from Broome city center, you can walk around the red cliff coastline. It is definitely worth coming here for the sunset and to enjoy the views.

red cliffs and view on a blue water
Sunsetting at Gatheaume Point


You can search for dinosaur footprints around this area. Seemingly it is 112 million years old and fossiled in the rock.

However, it is quite difficult to find them. You need to wait for a low tide to see them. Many people come here after sunset with torches to look for them. 


There are more things you can see around Broome. f you have more budget you can take a scenic flight to Horizontal falls. 

For more day trips from Broome, have a look at the options below.


No, this is not Whitsundays in Queensland. Although you might be confused when you see a picture from Willi Creak. This is a place very close to Broome and definitely, a must place for your visit. 

drone shot with a blue water and white sand
Out of this world, Willi Creak

The color of the water is absolutely amazing. We have never seen such a color of the water, so milky blue. 

You can’t really walk around much around this area, but there is a spot where you can camp. Be careful and watch out for crocodiles that were spotted in this area!  

TIP FROM US: Make sure you only drive with 4WD as the road is unpaved and corrugated. Don’t forget to deflate your tires! 


Willi creak is famous for the production of pearls. It is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience. So if you are interested in learning more about pearls and their production, you can find more information about tours and this pearl farm here.

If you don’t have a 4WD, you can join a full-day tour all the way to Cape Leveque, stopping at Willi Creek, pearl farm, James price point, and camping in Leveque. 


If you are looking for an awesome day trip or overnight trip from Broome then you need to come to James’s Price Point. Quite frankly, there was one of the best camping trips we had during our 4 months roundtrip trip in Australia. And this is how we imagined how Australia would look like.

woman walking on the red sand beach next to blue water, perfect trip from Broome
Welcome to the Moon

And one of our highlights on our Australia trip was to see the red cliffs of James Price Point. If you would like to experience the wild-wild west on your own, without paying a cent, then this is for you. 

woman in a white dress sitting on the red cliff next to blue water
Jame’s Price Point views


  • Beautiful secluded beaches out of this world
  • If you would like to have some alone time
  • Awesome camping experience
  • If you would like to see awesome star gazing

If you would like to read more on James prince, how to get there and all camping tips, check out James Price Point Guide.

two people laying in the camping van and watching sunset
Jame’s Price Point camping views


The best time to visit Broome is definitely winter times, which is from March till October.

Days are sunny with an average temperature of 30, nights are a bit cool so bring a jumper. Also, this is a perfect time to see “Stairways to the moon.”

You can visit in summer if you are ready to battle over 40 degrees temperature. I like heat but this is not fun. Especially with many many annoying flies around.



There are a couple of camping sites in Broome. The ones which are very close to the site center are of course more expensive. You can check out Discovery park campsite.

We stayed at Pistol Club camping site, where we paid 25$ for unpowered sites, which was the cheapest you can get. The site was very close to the city, it has a kitchen, landry, hot showers, and clean bathrooms. 


There are many hotels you can choose from if you don’t like to camp. 

For more budget-friendly options check Bayside Holiday Apartments.

There are a couple of resorts such as Moonlight Bay Suits or Oak Broome Hotel.



Your Western Australian journey just started, if you are driving down to Peth make sure to check out more awesome places:

Would you like to see some sharks? Then off to Shark Bay.

If Rottnest island is on your list, then have a look at how to take selfies with Quokkas

The whole road trip from Perth to Esperance will tell you all the highlights.

You can’t miss out on Esperance, and how to explore Cape le Grand NP

Have fun exploring Broome and the surroundings. And don’t forget to visit more places when driving from Darwin to Broome.

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