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Cebu itinerary: Ultimate guide (2019 edition) with all highlights to see

Cebu itinerary mentions the best places to see in Cebu, from exploring the breathtaking beaches of Kalanggaman Island, diving with whale and thresher sharks, to canyoneering at the world famous Kawasan Falls and much more. Our Cebu itinerary is carefully designed to give you the best feel for these cute Philippine islands. You can easily spend […]

2 week Indonesia itinerary

2 week Indonesia itinerary – the best places in Indonesia in two weeks.

We created this 2 week Indonesia itinerary to show you the most impressive places of this spectacular country. Indonesia is one of the 11 countries in Southeast Asia and it has it all. From perfect picturesque beaches to the rice fields of famous Bali, chaotic cities, extraordinary wild life, rich cultures and heritage. We guarantee, […]

How to get to Perhentian Islands – The Ultimate Guide including the best beaches

How to get to Perhentian Islands is one of the key questions for every traveler who wants to explore this beautiful place. The Perhentian Islands consist of two islands: Pulau (which means “island”) Perhentian Kecil (“small”) and Pulau Perhentian Besar (“big”). They are not only a tropical paradise but also one of the cheapest places […]

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