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In August 2017 we left our home and went to explore Southeast Asia. We spent all together 6 incredible months traveling in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is very diverse and every traveler will find his or her favourite thing to do here. From magnificent terrace rice fields, chaotic traffic, ancient temples, delicious coconut soups to perfect white sand beaches with picturesque views. There are an endless number of amazing island like Karimunjawa Islands in Indonesia, Con Dao in Vietnam, which are worth visiting and one can spend an indefinite time just wandering around.

This part of the world is very different to what we are used to. Food, people and of course the way things are. We saw how the people live there, the system of each country and how the people do certain things. This taught us to appreciate the little things and be grateful for all we have.


In our articles on Southeast Asia we focus on the most important highlights in each country. We wrote numerous travel guides including: 2 weeks itinerary for Indonesia mentioning the biggest highlights. With a full guide to Karimunjawa Islands, boat tour to islands of Komodo national park and best beaches of Bali.

For Thailand check our 10 day Thailand Itinerary, and 37 beautiful experiences you can have in Thailand. Furthermore, we cover Krabi and its best beaches in big post.

Covering Philippines is not an easy topic, but with our 2 weeks in the Philippines guide you will get see all the highlights. We also have inspiration for beautiful islands Kalanggaman, Cebu and Bohol.

We are proud that we also traveled beyond the touristy destinations to discover the best islands and beaches. Further, we are happy that we were able to find places which are calm and not overcrowded with tourists. In our Southeast Asia section, we provide detailed information about each place we visited. How to get there, what is the best time to visit, maps and all cool things you can do. We also include our own personal experiences and share our honest opinions with you. 

Please note, that we are still working really hard to finalise all articles on islands and other places we visited during our time. So there is still a lot of cool content coming up.

We hope to inspire you to discover and explore all the countries in Southeast Asia.




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