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We were so excited to be invited by Donatela Hotel to stay a couple of nights at their beautiful resort. The resort is located on the beautiful island Panglao in the Philippines, and you can easily get there from the city Tagbilaran.


Donatela Hotel has 12 luxury villas: 6 Garden villas, 3 Pool villas, 2 Family villas and 1 Honeymoon villa. What is really special about this hotel is that all villas are nestled in a beautiful natural botanical garden. And each villa has its own private garden. Thus, it is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your time surrounded by exotic plantation, fruit trees which provides shelter to many birds. This gives a lot of privacy and space to you. We stayed in a Garden Villa called Passion Flora. I really loved the design of the villas. Their design is based on the traditional Philippine house of the tribesman called Ifugao which can be still found in the northern part of the Philippines.


We were warmly welcomed by the staff of Donatela Hotel. After a refreshing welcome drink we were escorted to our garden villa with a little shuttle bus. As the resort has 8 hectares, you will definitely enjoy the privacy. Also the hotel provides a complimentary shuttle service to nearby Alona Beach.

We were very impressed by the design of the villa. A spacious bedroom with an amazing beamed ceiling and the luxurious bathroom made us want to stay there the whole day. What I also loved is the en-suite walk-in dressing room. After couple of months traveling it felt so nice to store your luggage without bothering you and taking a lot of space.

However, there is so much to explore around the resort. We refused the temptation of staying in our comfortable paradise and head out to explore other parts of the resort.

Jhel gave us an unforgettable tour around the complex. We really enjoyed talking to him. He showed us around and explained us everything about the resort. As the hotel is experiencing transition with a new owner, the hotel is changing it’s name from Tarsier Botanica to Donatela Hotel.


You will feel like you are completely alone. The resort is so spacious that you won’t see many people around. This is so nice, and I can guarantee you will feel very relaxed and never want to leave. Our Garden villa was perfect for 2 guests. Apart from the Garden villas there are also other types you can choose from:  Family villa, Pool villa with its private pool and a one and only Honeymoon villa found in the complex, also with a private pool.


Surrounded by native orchards, this pool is set at the heart of the botanical garden. We really enjoyed our time there as the pool is very large, you can swim freely and play in the water.

If you need a little refreshment, there is even a pool cafe where you can enjoy your drinks and order snacks. We had so much fun at the pool. Well, what can I say 😀



With panoramic view on the Bohol Sea we enjoyed our tasty breakfast and dinner at Paprika. The view is amazing, not to mention the great service and quality food that is provided. Fine dining with pleasant music was an unforgettable experience.


I was so happy to see all the beautiful animals in this rescue center. The staff is taking care of them with great care. You can see many exotic birds, monkeys and other mammals which were rescued from pouching or were found injured. So when you stay at Donatela Hotel, don’t forget to say hello to Moi Moi, a very special monkey 🙂


Here you can spend some serious time relaxing and enjoy various treatments.


Tired of swimming pool? As the hotel is located by the sea, you can also go for a swim. Don’t forget to snorkel around, as you will see many tropical fish. The hotel for now has a small beach cove, but in the future they are planning to build a beautiful white sand beach.


Yes, you are reading that right. Equestria is located inside the resort, stabling 15 horses of different breeds and sizes. Here you can admire beautiful horses and even take riding lessons depending on your skills.


The hotel can organize for you other activities, like day trips to different islands or diving.


Thank you Donatela Hotel for hosting us. We loved our time at your resort and I would highly recommend this place to anyone, especially to everyone who needs a proper rest. Which is basically everyone in this busy world, right?

If you are also interested staying at Donatela Hotel, here is the official website:

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