Traveling to Mexico? Is it safe for tourists?

Many people wonder if they should visit Mexico and if it is safe to travel there. After our trip to Mexico, I got many questions about safety in Mexico. 


Mexico is a huge country so it depends on where you go. The east coast of Mexico is absolutely safe for tourists, especially the cost strip Riviera Maya. It can be compared to any holiday destination in Europe. Also, Quintana Roo state is one of the safest in Mexico. So, once you are in Quintana Roo, don’t worry. We didn’t see any shootings or people running around with drugs like some movies show us 😀


Nevertheless, always be careful when going on trips and renting cars. We were told in our resort that we shouldn’t rent a car and drive to Chichen Itza on our own as it’s around 3 hours drive but rather book a tour. They told us that the Mexican police is dangerous and the safest way for us is to book a tour. The tour was very expensive (100 USD). Of course, if you are there for the first time, how can you know? They tell you that so you will book an overpriced tour.

So, we started first with a shorter trip to test the waters. We rented a car and drove to Tulum which is only a 1 hour drive to see for ourselves. Honestly, I didn’t see any difference between driving in Europe and in Mexico. Of course, sometimes it is a bit chaotic, but the roads are good and there is no way you can get lost.

is mexico safe?


All together we had rented cars for 5 days and explored Quintana Roo. We had no problems and no one stopped or harmed us. Just watch out when getting gas as some of the pump attendants who fill up your car might try to get the best of you and don’t start at M $0.00.

We like to be flexible, spontaneous and stop whenever we like so renting a car was the best choice for us.


People are very friendly, hard working, helpful and customer oriented. We had such a nice experience when visited Playa Paraiso. We were just lying on the beach, me feeling sick after throwing up on the boat. Then, I turned around and saw a cute little girl running around with tortilla in her hand and wearing big diapers. Really adorable. As my Spanish is horrible, we were just waving at each other. After some time, we decided to leave. Suddenly, I turned around and her grandma waved at us few times and invited us to join them for some food. We didn’t hesitate even for a second. We were communicating with our broken Spanish and hand gestures but it was really sweet.

is mexico safe?

And home made tortillas are the best.

Have fun in Mexico.

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