Authentic Wayuu Bag – Dreamy Turquoise

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Fall in love with each pattern, triangle, and vivid colour that has been carefully crocheted by skilful Wayuu women. 

The Dreamy Turquoise bag is a unique bag hand picked by Beach addicted, making it one of a kind. It comes with a braided strap and you can carry it over your shoulder.

These beautiful handmade bags, called ‘Susu’ in Wayuu language, are indeed a legacy of the indigenous Wayuu people. Wayuu tribes came from Guajira region, located in the north of Colombia and Venezuela. Each bag has a traditional double thread strap or handle and a drawstring. The reason why I fell in love with them is because each Wayuu bag is unique and suitable for everyone. They can be worn with many different looks. The authentic Wayuu bag can fit perfectly to your summer boho outfit, is trendy for fall, or gives your winter outfit a little warmth.

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Wayuu is a Native American ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula, in the northern part of Colombia, and northwest of Venezuela.


A traditional Wayuu woman starts with crocheting when she gets her first menstrual cycle. From then on, she will stay in the hut with her mother and grandmother (from 6 months to even a year). In this time, she will learn crocheting, everything about household chores, and how to be a good wife.

A Wayuu woman will either sell her bags herself, by going to the city on her own, or by giving her bags to a dealer, who is collecting them from the village.


Because each bag is handmade, it takes between 10-15 days. The duration depends on the size and style; especially, how many colours or patterns a Wayuu woman is using.


Guajira is a very poor region with very hard weather conditions, making this place almost unliveable. We visited Guajira ourselves during our trip to South America. We were shocked by the living conditions of the Wayuu people. Lost in the desert, most of the families are without electricity, running water, or any government support. The Wayuu people depend on tourism, sales from Wayuu bags, fishing and unfortunately begging.


Material: Acrylic blend

Length: 30 cm
Height: 32 cm
Strap: 100 cm

Weight: 500g

Please note: Each product is handmade. Therefore, each bag varies in size and weight.

Washing instructions

Our Wayuu bags are made from acrylic fiber. This makes them resistant to weather, wear and tear. They are also easy to wash.

Washing instructions: We recommend to wash the bag in a washing machine (cold) but remove the drawstring before, clean stains by hand with soap and dry the bag by hanging. Do not dry the bag in a tumbler.