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We got engaged at the most discovered “undiscovered” mangrove beach.

Being spontaneous is what I really love about my partner. He can always surprise me and being with someone who is so open minded as I am, really makes me happy. For me, the best moments are the moments which are unexpected and not planned. It gives you an opportunity to try new things, be free and open for new adventures.

We always wanted to visit Cuba, simple because it is a country which changes really fast and it is definitely the right place for unforgettable experiences. And, as I am also in love with the Caribbean Sea, it was the perfect destination to visit.

Today, I decided to write an article about one particular beach which is a very special to me, the place where I said YES. So, let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, located in the province Viñales . We visited many cities in Cuba but Viñales was our favourite spot where we spent in total 4 days. You can do so much in Viñales, from horse riding in the Valley, renting a bike and exploring the area around, to going for a day trip to the most discovered “undiscovered” mangrove beach in Cuba: Cayo Jutías.

Cayo Jutías is located in the province Pinar del Rio, a 1 -hour bumpy ride to the north of the town Viñales. You can take a taxi collectivo or a bus. However, the best way is to share a taxi collectivo.

Why Cayo Jutías is so peaceful?

There are no hotels and no big buildings at Cayo Jutías. Nothing, only great nature. An absolute recommendation.

You can only visit it during the day and return to Viñales in the late afternoon. Which is really cool, as it means there are not many tourists, and everything stays natural.

There are only two little bars and restaurant where you can get snacks and drinks for reasonable prices. We even saw men walking on the beach with fresh fish in their hands and asking people if they want lunch straight out the sea. If you said yes, he would disappear into the bushes and in 15 minutes he would bring you your fish on the big plate, served with brown rice and vegetables. We didn’t try it as we had our snacks from our host Maria but it looked really tasty.

Our trip:

It is 7.30 am, and we are walking up. Super excited as we are going to Cayo Jutías. Our lonely planet guide described this beach as a very beautiful and peaceful place, described as not so touristy. And it is the TRUTH 🙂

The perfect place for beach lovers (like me).

Our host Maria made us once again an awesome breakfast (fresh fruits, fresh juice, pastries with a little piece of butter, eggs and panini ;). If you have an option, I would highly recommend to stay in Maria’s casa particular, called Casa Miguelito. She is amazing. Her English is not perfect but she will make sure that you have an awesome stay. She definitely made ours special. Maria organised a taxi collectivo for us. Around 9 o’clock our taxi driver arrived, with already 2 passengers in the car. Not much space in this tiny Lada Taxi, but the most important thing for us, is to get there, right?

We paid 15 EU for the return journey (per person), which is really okay. The ride was really crazy. The “roads” are full of holes, so it will be really shake and bumpy. We were so lucky to have a great and funny driver. He was a very happy person and was singing the whole time 🙂 Asking us questions, talking about his life. An amazing experience. We were listening to Spanish music the whole time so we were unwillingly, and later willingly, dancing in the car and moving with the flow of the music. I loved it. However, at some point I thought the car will just fall apart :D, fortunately, it didn’t.

After one hour of dancing and trying to sing the Spanish songs which I don’t understand very much, expect for the part “mi corazon”, which seems to be in every Spanish song I ever listened to :D, we arrived. Our driver told us that he will pick us up at 4 pm.

Cayo Jutías is a 3 km long blanket of sand and the most beautiful mangrove beach I have visited so far. Enchanting white sand and turquoise water made our day really unforgettable. And I had no idea what was coming after.

The beach seems to be not very long, but don’t be afraid to walk through a little mangrove forest away from the crowds. We did that, feeling like India Jones, and we were completely alone in this paradise. Still can’t believe we found this little beach just for ourselves.

We were completely amazed by this place.

Lying on the shore together, talking about how we met… little waves splashing us gently, beautiful turquoise water and perfect white sand, I got asked: ” Will you marry me?” Absolutely shocked, surprised and happy I said YES.

It couldn’t be more perfect. Love is the most important thing in life and I am so happy I can share my life with you…I love you.

Its 3.50 pm, and we are rushing through the mangrove forrest to get back to our taxi driver…

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