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Traveling is fun

Make your travel life easy with these awesome 30 travel hacks

Travel life can be hard and expensive. It is not just sitting under the palm trees at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is true when people say that traveling is not only roses and rainbows. A travel life can be also very stressful and confusing. Many people keep asking us: “HOW CAN YOU TRAVEL FOR SO LONG? Did you win the lottery? Are you crazy?” Well, none of those. […]

Grab app

Why you should use the Grab app and ditch taxis in Southeast Asia!

Have you heard of the app called Grab? Grab is the app you have to download before heading to Southeast Asia. Why? One of the most annoying things while traveling is to depend on taxis. At least this is how we feel about it. In particular when getting from the airport to the city or to our accommodation. In Southeast Asia […]