30 Travel Hacks E-Book

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We are Gigi & Nico and we have been travelling full time since August 2017. We bought a one-way ticket and flew to Asia to start our endless adventure. Wonder how we can afford it? Are we crazy?

In this e-book you will learn:

  • Useful tips from our personal experience while travelling full time across 52 continents and over 52 countries
  • All 30 Travel advices which we discovered on our journey and helped us to keep on travelling till now
  • All the useful apps we use on daily basis.
  • Access to all discount and referral codes.


We are so happy that you would like to learn all our travel hacks we discovered during our full time traveling. Here, you will find all our best travel hacks we discovered during our travels to save money and decrease stress. We hope that our tips will help you during your future travels.


After living and travelling in Europe for over 10 years, we spent 7 months travelling in Southeast Asia. Then we travelled for 6 months in South and North America. At the moment we are in Australia on a holiday and working visa. We have learned many things on your adventure. It is so exciting because we want to share them with you to make your life easier. We also don’t want you to spend money on unnecessary things and make sure you have more fun while travelling.

Thank you again for your support. We really appreciate it.

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